Emergency Repair:

Where the flat roof membrane is visibly punctured and water is standing above the damaged area causing it to enter the building at a fast rate, simply pour a sufficient amount of the Seal-a-Leak™ liquid above the puncture and leave to cure.

The Seal-a-Leak™ liquid will immediately track into the split or hole to plug the puncture, stopping further water from entering the building.

Any remaining Seal-a-Leak™ liquid can be kept for future use following replacement of the container lid. coating cures to a form dry, transparent film finish. Depending upon atmospheric conditions, curing time can be 20 minutes (at 20 °C / 50 % RH).

This type of emergency repair should always be followed up with a further complete repair (see below) when weather conditions permit.

Complete Repair:

Where the roof membrane is visibly punctured or damaged and the surface is sufficiently dry to receive  a fully waterproof patch that can last up to 24 months.

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